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A little about me, my name is Lynsay Granberg and I first recieved my associates degree from Iowa Lakes Community College in Graphic Design in 2002 I then went on to attend South Dakota State University to recieved my bachelors degree in Art Education in 2005. I have been teaching in Garretson since 2006 and have been enjoying my time here. I love all things that have to do with the Arts and I spend a lot of my spare time doing different craft projects for and with my two daughters.

Contact Me

Email: lynsay.granberg@k12.sd.us

Voice message: 594-3451 extension 312. This voice message comes to my email.

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Did you know that coloring can relieve stress? It also creates a commond bond that you and your child can share. Don't be fooled into thinking they don't enjoy coloring, I have High School boys and girls who still love to color in my class. 

What I love about coloring with my daughters is that they will sit and color with me all afternoon and tell me about their day as well. It just seems to help them really open up and not feel any pressure to answer questions.

Sometimes though, I get a little tired of coloring Minnie Mouse or Frozen coloring books and I need something more challenging for me to keep me just as interested as my girls. I have found some really great free printable adult coloring pages on Pinterest (If you have not checked this place out it is a must :) ) There are so many different designs to choose from! Also a lot have tutorials on how to color if you forgot ;) You can use colored pencils, sharpies, watercolor pencils, and paint if you like the possibilites are limitless.

I have found that even younger children like these pages as well, around the age of 8 or 9 children want to start to challenge themselves more and I think these are a great way to do it. So try it out, start coloring and see if they will jump in and start as well, and who knows maybe they will even tell you a little bit about their day in the process :)

Coloring Books for Adults

Free Coloring Pages​


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 Art Room Schedule

1st Period 8:30-9:10 Elementary Art

2nd Period 9:18-10:08 Creative Art (Section 1) 
3rd Period 10:11-11:01 Prep
4th Period 11:04-11:54 Creative Art (Section 2)
5th Period 11:57-12:47 Intro to Pottery
Lunch 12:50-1:26
7th Period 1:26-2:13 Drawing/Painting/Crafts/Graphic Design/ 8th Grade Art
8th Period 2:16-3:01 6th Grade

ICU 3:01-3:25

 Grading Scale

95-100% A
92-94% A-
89-91% B+
86-88% B
83-85% B-
80-82% C+
77-79% C
74-76% C-
70-73% D+
68-69% D
65-67% D-
64 & below F


-Respect Yourself, Others and Property through your words and actions.

-Follow Directions.

-Keep hands, feet an objects to yourself.

-Be in your classroom and have materials ready when the bell rings.