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Course Description/Crafts 05165

Crafts courses teach the same lessons as Creative Art-Comprehensive courses, but do so with a focus on crafts. These courses may survey a wide range of crafts, or they may focus on only one type of craft; possibilities include calligraphy, quilting, silk-screening, cake-decorating, tole-painting, mask making, knitting, crocheting, paper-making, and so on. 

*Class only offered in the Fall

​*Students will be asked to purchase some items for this class.

Course Description/Graphic Design 05162

Graphic Design courses emphasize design elements and principles in the purposeful arrangement of images and text to communicate a message. They focus on creating art products such as advertisements, product designs, and identity symbols. Graphic Design courses may investigate the computer's influence on a role in creating contemporary designs and provide a cultural and historical study of master design works of different periods and styles.

Students will learn how to work in and with Photoshop CS5 to create interesting and creative compositions. Students will also learn basic digital photography skills and techniqes to use to edit photos in Photoshop CS5.​

**This class is only offered in the Spring

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